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Archaeology relative and absolute dating

Pollen dating, is one of the lesser utilized methods archaeologists have to determine a relative chronology or timeframe for a certain event. Pollen dating can determine a relative time frame far earlier than radiocarbon dating is able. Although, because of influences such as pollen transportation by wind for thousands of miles and the abundance of certain kinds of pollen, radiocarbon dating is necessary to give absolute dates. Pollen dating is done by comparing the pollen zones in different rock layers or strata, comparing older, deeper layers to newer ones on top.
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How archaeologists determine the date of ancient sites and artifacts

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Absolute dating - Wikipedia

There are several dating methods that help archaeologists figure out how old objects are. In fact, there are so many that it would be impossible to describe them all in one article. Hence, this post will discuss some of the most widely-used dating methods — stratigraphy, typology, seriation, and radiocarbon dating — and we will cover the rest in subsequent articles. There are two overarching classes of dating methods: relative and absolute. Relative dating methods cannot determine the exact age of an object, but only which finds are older or younger than others. When excavating an archaeological site, you can literally see the layers of dirt and debris that have accumulated over time.
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Difference Between Relative and Absolute Dating

Small tubes containing CO2 derived from artifacts are placed in an accelerator mass spectrometer AMS. The AMS will measure the relative proportions of carbon isotopes to determine the objects age. Relative techniques were developed earlier in the history of archaeology as a profession and are considered less trustworthy than absolute ones. There are several different methods. In stratigraphy , archaeologists assume that sites undergo stratification over time, leaving older layers beneath newer ones.
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Absolute dating is the process of determining an age on a specified chronology in archaeology and geology. Some scientists prefer the terms chronometric or calendar dating , as use of the word "absolute" implies an unwarranted certainty of accuracy. In archaeology, absolute dating is usually based on the physical, chemical, and life properties of the materials of artifacts, buildings, or other items that have been modified by humans and by historical associations with materials with known dates such as coins and historical records. For example, coins found in excavations may have their production date written on them, or there may be written records describing the coin and when it was used, allowing the site to be associated with a particular calendar year. Absolute dating techniques include radiocarbon dating of wood or bones, potassium-argon dating , and trapped-charge dating methods such as thermoluminescence dating of glazed ceramics.
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