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So you want to spice up your sex life, and you and your partner have agreed that kinky sex sounds hot and exciting. The word kinky stands for unusual things. In the world of sex, kinky can mean anything that is far from conventional. Any idea or activity that is offbeat, quirky, or odd can be termed kinky sex.
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Sexuality appears to be undergoing a sea change on a collective level—but is this true? For many, divergence from conventional sexuality is still seen as deviant and dangerous. While sexual attitudes are shifting toward greater acceptance of formerly off-limits behaviors, including open relationships, short-term sexual encounters, and greater variety in acceptable sexual behavior—including same-sex activity and heightened sexual adventurousness—for others, anything but vanilla remains repugnant. What is healthy sexuality? There are grey areas, and while some behaviors are overtly considered universally problematic, they may still be tolerated, or worse. Disgust, in general, is a core experience, keeping us away from all kinds of nastiness. For example, food that tastes bad often makes us sick, so disgust keeps us from eating poisonous food.
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When I was backpacking through the Balkans of Europe, I often met interesting new people. One conversation game was perpetually popular: truth or dare. The simple middle school classic might feel a little bit silly at first, but no one can deny the pleasure of it.
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When you make efforts to keep yourself, your room, and your laundry clean, then why must you leave behind your sex toys? In fact, they should be paid most attention to, as they come in contact with some of the most sensitive parts of your body. An unhygienic dildo can become a pool of bacteria and other pathogens, which can really cause harm to your vagina. UTI, yeast infections, fungal infections, bacterial vaginosis, etc.
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