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I need more sperm

They also said the rate of decline is not slowing. Both findings -- in a meta-analysis bringing together various studies -- pointed to a potential decline in male health and fertility. The analysis did not explore reasons for the decline, but researchers said falling sperm counts have previously been linked to various factors such as exposure to certain chemicals and pesticides, smoking, stress and obesity. This suggests measures of sperm quality may reflect the impact of modern living on male health and act as a "canary in the coal mine" signaling broader health risks, they said.
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Sperm Counts Continue to Fall

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How to Increase Semen Volume - Ro Man

This article was first published in The Skeptical Inquirer. Did you know that the average cisgendered male human produces approximately the same number of morphologically normal sperm per day as a hamster, despite having testicles ten times the size? Yeah, me neither. Until I started researching this article, that is. Besides being another piece of trivia to add to my arsenal of hamster knowledge Did you know that hamsters are omnivores, even though most pet hamsters are fed vegetarian diets? Human males are really inefficient at producing sperm. This means that while we can detect large changes in sperm quantity or quality, more subtle alterations in sperm characteristics are distinguishable only in large studies.
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Sperm Count Dropping in Western World

In fact, the quality and quantity of the sperm people produce can vary considerably as a result of all sorts of external factors. Here, we outline everything you need to know about sperm health and its impact on fertility. On average, there are between 40 and 50 million sperm in a millilitre of semen, and anything below 15 million per millilitre is classed as a low sperm count, according to the NHS.
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Start your free visit for ED treatment. Learn more. The amount you ejaculate can change from day to day; it depends on several factors. Some medical conditions can cause changes in the volume of your ejaculate. There is no FDA-approved supplement or method to increase your semen production.
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